A woman lays flowers at an impromptu memorial

For many around the world, BBG networks are serving as the only source of accurate and unbiased coverage of Sunday’s terrorist attack in Orlando, piecing together stories on an incident that has sparked debate on a series of controversial issues such as terrorism, homosexuality, gun control and law enforcement surveillance.

Alhurra–Iraq’s ‘Your Question’ discusses interfaith harmony and terrorism


A recent episode of Alhurra-Iraq’s Your Question program encouraged Iraqi citizens to speak out about a quintessential topic facing Iraqi society, the preservation of religious harmony and coexistence among diverse religions and ethnicities to combat terrorism. The program hosted four religious clerics representing the main denominations in Iraq, the spokesman for the Sunni Fatwa and Advocacy Council, a Shia scholar, a Christian bishop, and a Yezidi Parliament member, to reach constructive solutions to the terrorism problem that afflicts their country.

Countless Media Outlets Turn to VOA Correspondents’ Exclusive Reporting on Bangkok Blast

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Since the deadly explosion in Bangkok yesterday, many news outlets around the world have relied on reports from VOA’s Steve Herman, Barry Newhouse, and Zinlat Aung, who were among the first on the scene after the deadly blast hit the Erawan Shrine.Southeast Asia Correspondent Herman broke the news of the explosion, broadcasting the aftermath live on Periscope. His on the scene reporting prompted many phone calls to VOA’s Washington News Center from around the world requesting both VOA’s footage and interviews with Herman and Newhouse. Media outlets including BBC, ABC News, USA Today, CNN, KTLA, Mashable, Los Angeles Post-Examiner and many more have cited VOA’s reporting in their coverage of the Bangkok bombing. AP and Reuters distributed Voice of America’s on scene video to their clients across the globe. Interviews provided by Herman and Newhouse were featured on BBC Radio channels and programs, New Zealand Radio, W Radio Colombia, BBC World Service TV, CTV, Channels TV as well as other international and local networks. Herman appeared in a television package on NBC Nightly News and his reporting was featured prominently on the CBS Evening News.