BBG networks provide timely news, analysis on Orlando attack

A woman lays flowers at an impromptu memorial

For many around the world, BBG networks are serving as the only source of accurate and unbiased coverage of Sunday’s terrorist attack in Orlando, piecing together stories on an incident that has sparked debate on a series of controversial issues such as terrorism, homosexuality, gun control and law enforcement surveillance.

Alhurra–Iraq’s ‘Your Question’ discusses interfaith harmony and terrorism


A recent episode of Alhurra-Iraq’s Your Question program encouraged Iraqi citizens to speak out about a quintessential topic facing Iraqi society, the preservation of religious harmony and coexistence among diverse religions and ethnicities to combat terrorism. The program hosted four religious clerics representing the main denominations in Iraq, the spokesman for the Sunni Fatwa and Advocacy Council, a Shia scholar, a Christian bishop, and a Yezidi Parliament member, to reach constructive solutions to the terrorism problem that afflicts their country.