Angel Carromero, the driver and key witness of a car crash that killed human rights activists Oswaldo Payá Sardinas and Harold Cepero, spoke extensively to Radio Martí about the incident, his subsequent arrest and sentencing, and his views on suspicious circumstances surrounding the crash.  Carromero gave the live in-depth interview by phone from his home in Madrid, Spain, where he is carrying out the rest of his four-year sentence for vehicular manslaughter.

OCB Experts Available to Comment on the Death of Oswaldo Paya in Cuba

Radio and TV Martí can provide reliable reports, background, and analysis on the events surrounding the death of Cuban opposition leader Oswaldo Paya in Cuba. Reporters in our Miami headquarters working with independent journalists on the island are covering this breaking story.  Radio and TV Martí specialize in news and information about Cuba and the world, and its news team can get to their sources quickly.

Please contact Gina Barroso (305) 437-7153 to schedule an interview.