Radio Free Asia hosts roundtable event on media in Myanmar

Digital technology is increasingly popular in Burma. Here young monks in training use a computer at a Buddhist monastery.

A packed house of NGOs, outside media organizations, and journalists attended an informative and insightful roundtable presentation at Radio Free Asia’s Washington, D.C. headquarters on September 12. “Myanmar at a Media Crossroads: A Roundtable on Journalism’s Challenges and Impact during a Nation’s Historic Transition” featured photojournalist Tom Cheatham and National Endowment for Democracy Senior Director for Asia and Global Programs Brian Joseph – each of whom has repeatedly visited Myanmar recently – and RFA’s Myanmar Deputy Service Director Khin Maung Nyane.

BBG: Consider the Changing Landscape

Michael Meehan

Around the globe today, only one out of six people lives in a country with free media. According to Freedom House, this is the worst media freedom rate in more than a decade.