two images side by side of a man and a woman who show signs of being beaten

“I am appalled that these VOA journalists, who were only doing their job of reporting accurate information, were beaten and harassed by security forces,” VOA Director Amanda Bennett said. “Intimidation only generates an opposite effect. VOA will not be deterred in its efforts to seek out and share the truth.”

BBG Research Series: Media consumption in Iraq

Four women wearing chadors, one checking her phone.

Please join the Broadcasting Board of Governors and Gallup as we present the latest media consumption and attitudinal findings from Iraq, including Iraqi Kurdistan. In addition to general media consumption information, speakers will discuss how media use among the Kurds differs from that of Iraqis overall.

Alhurra–Iraq’s ‘Your Question’ discusses interfaith harmony and terrorism


A recent episode of Alhurra-Iraq’s Your Question program encouraged Iraqi citizens to speak out about a quintessential topic facing Iraqi society, the preservation of religious harmony and coexistence among diverse religions and ethnicities to combat terrorism. The program hosted four religious clerics representing the main denominations in Iraq, the spokesman for the Sunni Fatwa and Advocacy Council, a Shia scholar, a Christian bishop, and a Yezidi Parliament member, to reach constructive solutions to the terrorism problem that afflicts their country.