Office of Cuba Broadcasting Debuts Two New Tools to Reach Cubans

MIAMI – The Office of Cuba Broadcasting has debuted two new Internet censorship circumvention tools — a paper USB drive and a mobile phone-based social network – in order to provide accurate news and information to one of the most press-restrictive environments in the world. The tools, which were on display last week at the BBG Innovation Expo, add to the growing list of technological innovations that OCB uses to get information to people in Cuba.

BBG Leadership in Brussels for Internet Freedom Discussions

Governor Michael Meehan represented the BBG as he joined high-level communications experts and journalists in Brussels to attend a May 29 panel discussion hosted by Deutsche Welle (DW) and Reporters Without Borders (RSF) on the topic of Internet censorship. “Mission Impossible – the Internet without Borders?” was moderated by Patrick Leutsch, the head of Deutsche Welle Akademie’s International Cooperation Division who prompted panelists to debate questions ranging from the philosophical (“Should anyone regulate the internet?), to the practical (“How can I keep my kids from seeing pornography?), to the political (“Who should, or could, create policy for internet governance?).