Ruslan Tsarni, uncle of the suspected Boston bombers, speaks with VOA and other reporters.

Americans were not the only ones captivated by the events unfolding in Boston last week. The Boston Marathon brings visitors from around the world – 96 countries were represented in this year’s race, according to Boston Athletic Association’s website. So when the attacks occurred, the broadcasters of the BBG immediately began providing relevant and comprehensive coverage of the events to its international audiences.

Alhurra Brings Reaction and Context to the Bombings in Boston

As soon as the news broke about the twin bombing at the Boston Marathon, Alhurra went live with seven hours of continuous coverage. The network immediately dispatched a correspondent to Boston to cover the story from the ground. In addition to the news from Boston, Alhurra provided reaction from the Middle East via social media as people across the region expressed their solidarity with the people in Boston.