Alhurra Journalists on the Front Lines

headshot of reporter with helment, speaking into a microphone

Every day, Alhurra Television’s dedicated team of journalists regularly risk their lives to bring viewers the latest news and information from the Middle East. On Sunday, July 13th, Alhurra correspondent Maithem Al Shibani and his cameraman were embedded with an Iraqi military convoy in North Babylon when clashes broke out between the Iraq military and ISIL. The exchange occurred over six hours. During the exchange of fire Shibani suffered shrapnel injuries to his hand. The cameraman sustained injuries to his chest, back, head and hands and is currently being treated in a nearby hospital.  In spite of the danger Shibani witnessed, he still filed a report on the harrowing experience.

MBN Programming Commemorates Ramadan

Family sits around table with Iftar meal, celebrating Ramadan.

Alhurra is marking the holy month of Ramadan with daily reports from the U.S. and across the Middle East and North Africa within its prime-time newscasts.  Reports include stories about how Syrian refugees in Lebanon are fasting; how Yemenis are observing Ramadan amid tribal conflicts and a deteriorating economy;  the Pentagon celebrating its 16th Iftar and how Muslims living in Washington, DC, are commemorating the holy month.