U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Talks to Alhurra-Iraq About Fight Against ISIL

Alhurra-Iraq had an in-depth interview with U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Stuart E. Jones, during which he discussed the U.S.’s relationship with the Iraqi government and the fight against Daesh (the Arabic term for ISIL). He stated that the U.S. is providing airstrikes against Daesh, in conjunction with Iraqi ground forces.  He added that the U.S. is also supplying intelligence, technical advice and assistance to Iraqi commanders. During the interview, Amb. Jones also addressed the U.S.’s financial aid to Iraq, stating, “the United States is also providing assistance to the government at many levels…As you know Daesh has pushed over 2 million people out of their homes and we’ve provided $200 million to support those people who’ve been displaced.”