MBN celebrates Arab-American Heritage Month

MBN commemorated Arab-American Heritage Month with special shows and acquired programming that highlights the rich contributions made by Arab-Americans to the U.S. culture. Alhurra’s Al Youm traveled to Dearborn, Mich., to profile the city and community that is considered the unofficial capital of Arab-Americans.  The show explored the millennial generation of Arab-Americans to see if they face the same challenges of earlier generations. From New York, the show examined the Yemeni community and how they are preserving heritage. Al Youm profiled the Center for Arabic Culture in Boston and its work to maintain cultural bridges between East and West. The show also examined the growing hijab business in the U.S. and profiled Arab-American comedians.

Alhurra’s ‘Street Pulse’ wins Bronze Award at New York Festivals

The winners of the New York Festivals’ International TV and Film awards were announced last night in Las Vegas and Alhurra Television’s critically acclaimed series Street Pulse took home the Bronze Prize for the Best Community Portrait Documentary. The investigative magazine program won for an episode that delved into the lives of Egyptians who live in cemeteries to make ends meet.