Alhurra Interviews Congressman Ruppersberger on Iraq and Egypt

“I don’t believe that the American public wants us to put boots on the ground back in the area of Iraq,” he said. He added that he thought the violence was likely to get worse and expressed concern over the killing of innocent Iraqis.

On U.S.-Egypt relations, Ruppersberger emphasized the importance of Egypt’s stability in the region. “We know that the deterioration of infrastructure and a lack of jobs cause problems,” he said. “We want everyone to have the ability to vote and have jobs and freedom. When the Muslim Brotherhood came in to power, it seems they were abusing the power, they had a certain agenda, and they weren’t representing what was considered to be the best interest of Egypt.”

Ruppersberger indicated that the fact that el-Sisi, who was sworn in on June 8, won an overwhelming majority of the vote is positive. “He understands Egypt and what it needs to become a country that will help the people who live there.”

He added that it is important to help set up programs to train and educate people, so they can move forward and have jobs.