On March 13th, President Donald J. Trump signed an Executive Order to make the Federal government more efficient, effective, and accountable. This Executive Order directs the Director of the Office of Management and Budget to present the President with a plan that recommends ways to reorganize the executive branch and improve efficiency, accountability and effectiveness.

BBG wants to hear your ideas and suggestions on how the we can be better organized to work for the American people.

Share your ideas below by June 30th!

Please share your idea, including the proposal and benefits. If necessary, you may include a link to a more detailed report or additional information.

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BBG welcomes and values all comments from the public in response to President Trump’s request for improvements in the organization and functioning of the Executive Branch. The BBG may not respond to every comment that is submitted and submissions do not bind the BBG, the Office of Management and Budget, nor the Administration to further action. The United States Government reserves full rights to use, copy, or distribute submissions for its purposes without compensation or approval on the part of the submitter. Because your comment may be made available to the public, you are responsible for ensuring that your submissions are free of confidential information, such as personally identifiable information, copyright or other intellectual property restrictions.

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