2014 Annual Report

The BBG’s 2014 Annual Report details the agency’s activities and growing impact around the world.

As detailed in the report, BBG networks play a critical role expanding freedom of information and expression and communicating America’s democratic experience. BBG networks are news leaders, covering stories left untold in environments that lack press freedom and fostering civil dialogue in places bombarded with vitriol and misinformation. In 2014, BBG networks were the first international broadcasters live streaming the events from Maidan in Ukraine, led coverage on the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, and continued reporting on the frontlines of the Ebola crisis.

In spite of dozens of threats to our journalists and their families along with hazardous working conditions, BBG’s networks have growing impact. They nimbly responded to crises and improved understanding of the U.S. and world events as a counter-balance to extremist propaganda in countries of strategic importance to U.S. foreign policy. As trusted sources of news, they attracted a record worldwide audience of 215 million people in 61 languages.