Five strategic priorities

Over the past year, the BBG CEO worked with the ICC and other key stakeholders to refine the agency’s five strategic priorities. These priorities tie to objectives in the BBG’s 2018-2022 Strategic Plan and will maximize the agility, efficiency and impact of the BBG networks and enable the agency to more effectively address the rapidly evolving media environment.

1. Maximize program delivery agility

Maximizing platform agility allows our networks to seamlessly adapt to the fast-changing content consumption preferences of their audiences. By streamlining operations and leveraging aggressive research we will rapidly evolve our market-by-market distribution strategy, ensuring continuously growing relevance.

2. Enhanced strategic cooperation between networks

The BBG will continue and expand the five networks’ coordination by extending the successful ICC model to mid-level working groups while remaining focused on the complementary missions of the BBG entities. At the center of this effort will be increasing the level of content sharing and curation among and within its five networks, leveraging resources where it makes sense to better report on the stories that matter to audiences worldwide.

3. Focus on key issues and audiences

The BBG is prioritizing resources to ensure that its activities advance the broad foreign policy priorities of the United States, including the universal values of freedom and democracy. To this end, the BBG is targeting its resources strategically to provide accurate and credible news and information for audiences most impacted by state-sponsored disinformation and violent extremism, particularly by campaigns of terror. These audiences are located, among other places, in Russia and its periphery, China, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Iran, and Cuba and nations threatened by extremist attacks.

4. Improved accountability and impact measurement

The BBG has emphasized measuring the impact of its programs and activities by putting the audience first and holding itself accountable. The agency recently enhanced its comprehensive Impact Model to measure factors beyond audience reach and instead to assess and evaluate the impact that BBG programming actually has on the lives of each of its audiences and their communities. Master storytelling requires research to be integrated at the front-end, and BBG is committed to leapfrogging others in the media landscape to reach new audiences.

5. Targeted public/private partnerships on innovation and media reach

BBG is focused on launching several new public/private partnerships with leading private sector stakeholders The goal of our public-private partnerships is to harness the power of BBG resources together with non- and for-profit organizations in order to combine networks, expertise, and resources to better serve citizens around the world.