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Training Workshop

Kingston, Jamaica — June, 2010

Brian Armstead conducted a one-day workshop on hurricane preparedness for 24 Jamaica-based reporters based on the earlier success of a  three-day workshop on avian influenza and on earthquake disaster preparedness for journalists from several Caribbean and South American countries.

The most recent workshop included the participation of the Jamaican Government’s Office of Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Management-ODPEM, the National Hurricane Center in Florida (via DVC), and the Military Liaison Office.  It was a hands-on, interactive workshop, where journalists learned to prepare and report on wind and water disasters as well as the role of the government and international entities during such disasters.

Workshop on Pandemic Influenza and Disaster Reporting

Kingston, Jamaica — Jan. 27-28, 2010

About two dozen journalists from across the Caribbean participated  in a workshop on Pandemic Influenza and Disaster Reporting. Organized by VOA Development’s Brian Armstead, the workshop included speakers from the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.


Workshops on the H1N1

Bolivia, Argentina, Panama, Jamaica and Haiti — November 2009

Three of the workshops were produced and implemented in Spanish speaking countries (Argentina, Bolivia and Panama), one was produced and implemented for the English speaking countries in the Caribbean (Jamaica) and one was produced and implemented in Creole for Haiti (Port-au-Prince).

In total 116 reporters from 14 countries took part in the sessions discussing topics related to critical information on each of the diseases as well as participating in very dynamic reporting exercises and sharing their own experiences in dealing with an emergency health situation (case in point Buenos Aires).


Haiti Training Program

In Washington, DC — June, 2008

Twelve VOA stringers from Haiti participated in two training programs organized by VOA/IMTC/Development staff. The trainings included sessions on broadcasting and field reporting at the State Department, the Newseum and Embassy of Haiti.


Journalism Workshop

La Paz, Bolivia — September 11-22, 2006

More than 90 reporters from rural and community radio stations attended a 10 day workshop in La Paz, Bolivia which focused on technology, journalism ethics, radio format and styles, journalistic responsibility, radio production, human resources and challenges faced by small radio stations. The program was organized by the IBB’s Development and Media Training office, the U.S. Embassy and USAID with support from the Catholic University of Bolivia’s School of Media and Communication.

The workshop was the fourth part of a multiple-year project to train reporters from small community radio stations to develop their own style, format and codes of ethics for their media outlets.

Community Radio Training

Buenos Aires, Argentina — May 6-14, 2006

VOA held a training on “Community Radio Stations in the International News Context.” A total of 13 community radio participants from six countries attended the workshop. Countries represented included: Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.

The training program served as an opportunity for community radio stations in countries with similar political concerns to establish connections for future collaborations through VOA. The seminar was well received and proved to be an excellent forum for strengthening ties and securing loyalty among community radio affiliates in the Andean region, where communities are often remote and hard to reach.


Covering Presidential Elections: Workshop for Radio Reporters

La Paz, Bolivia — September 22-30, 2005

Sixty reporters and editors from across Bolivia participated in a two week workshop “Political Reporting and Radio News: Covering Presidential Elections” in La Paz.  Participants explored balance and objectivity in political stories, covering candidates fairly and sourcing stories.

They also discussed the role of international broadcasting.  Trainers included Deysi Orozco, Professor, School of Media and Communications, Catholic University of Bolivia and Ricardo Uceda, Director, Institute of Press and Society, Peru.  Gustavo Win of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) served as the moderator.

Journalism Workshop for Broadcasters

La Paz, Bolivia — March 23- April 3, 2005

VOA journalists/trainers conducted a skills-building workshop for community broadcasters in Bolivia.  Sponsored by the Public Affairs office of the U.S. Embassy in La Paz, more than 30 reporters from across the country discussed all aspects of style, content and format for producing news and information within the context of a new technological era.


Health Journalism

Buenos Aires, Argentina — October 11-14 2004

About 30 leading journalists from newspapers and broadcast outlets across Latin America participated in a “Journalism and Health” seminar that focused on HIV/AIDS.

Speakers included Dr. Maria Valcarcel, Pan American Health Organization (PAHO); Dr. Anibal Sosa, Director, International Programs, Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics; Dr. Jorge Benetucci, Chief of Infection Diseases unit, Hospital Muniz in Buenos Aires and Dr. Elena Maria Obeita.

Journalists also tested an innovative Health Journalism CD-ROM designed to help students and others improve their understanding and coverage of complicated health issues.