Professor Sam Swan helps train staff of MBC
Professor Sam Swan helps train staff of MBC
Worldwide Operations

Media Development

We work throughout five continents providing training opportunities for hundreds of reporters and students of media and communication schools.

By sharing our knowledge with the knowledge of local experts we open the doors for communication across diverse cultures and populations promoting a better understanding of the importance of free and open press.

Our expert journalists and development officers work closely with panelists from International Organizations, NGOs, U.S. Government Agencies, as well as local experts and government officials overseas creating a cross polinization of knowledge and expertise.

We are available around the clock on five continents and many languages. The topics of our training cover health communication, economics, women empowerment, education, new media, television and radio and are coordinated with local experts and officials integrating different voices and points of view, thus enriching the already active participation of the reporters.

Among the wide variety of topics we discuss:

  • We help promote environmental conservation by opening discussion of the issues involved
  • Strengthen the African media by sharing experiences with local experts and reporters
  • Improve sexual and reproductive health in an open discussion that is cultural sensitive and values clinical reports
  • Discuss child and maternal health from a dynamic interaction
  • Discuss how to prevent infectious diseases by accurate reporting on the challenges
  • Promote comprehensive understanding of HIV/AIDS issues through discussions with worldwide experts
  • Setting up round tables and town hall meetings with media and local leaders to discuss important social, political and economic issues so the local media can provide their citizens with accurate and balance information to hold their governments to account while discussing political and social challenges
  • Discuss the challenges and dangers that affect journalists work by creating networks of journalists for every training done

BBG sponsors and hosts a wide range of projects that strengthen free and open media worldwide to provide accurate, objective and balanced news and information to audiences overseas.

Principal activities include:

  • Public-Private partnerships with U.S. government agencies, non-governmental organizations, foundations and commercial and public broadcasters to create programs that support democratic institutions, good governance, the free flow of information and the free enterprise system.
  • Supporting multi-platform news and information programs
  • Training journalists, editors and media executives in sales and marketing, basic journalism, ethics, investigative, health and business reporting, among other subjects.

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