Content Distribution

BBG oversees a global network of over 90 transmitting sites delivering high frequency, medium wave (AM), FM, and TV broadcasts, and currently leases broadcast time on 15 high power MW and SW transmitting facilities in 14 countries, subject to mission requirements, as well as on many FM and TV stations around the world.


Technology, Services and Innovation (TSI) manages technical functions and agency infrastructure and IT supporting the BBG networks.

Becoming an affiliate

BBG’s rapidly growing, multi-media affiliate network offers vast audiences a wide range of program and content options in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Media Development

Building the capacity of journalists around the world

BBG works throughout five continents providing training opportunities for hundreds of reporters and students of media and communication schools.

Anti-censorship and circumvention

Global press freedoms continue to decline, and many repressive regimes go out of their way to block their citizens’ access to information. BBG provides anti-censorship technology and services to journalists and citizens around the world, enhancing their ability to safely access or share digital news and information without fear of repercussions or surveillance.