VOA Swahili motivates listeners to use treated mosquito nets

A mother wrote to VOA Swahili stating that she began “using treated mosquito nets after listening a drama play on VOA Swahili’s Je Nifanyeje program which dramatized the advantages of using treated nets especially for families with young children.

Teacher featured in RFE/RL story receives recognition by government

RFE/RL Kyrgyz service produced a video story about a very dedicated school teacher in remote village in northern Kyrgyzstan, who rides his horse for 10 kilometers every day to reach his school and makes the same way back after. Every day, Kenesh Shorukov wakes up before dawn and rides his horse across the rugged terrain of northern Kyrgyzstan. His goal: to get to class on time and set a positive example for his students.

Screenshot of a Facebook page for Uruguay radio station 810 El Espectador

VOA Spanish Service’s debate broadcast breaks record

“Our numbers keep rising,” Channel 13 in Chile wrote to VOA Spanish during the second presidential debate, explaining that their Facebook numbers broke a new record in viewership after broadcasting the VOA Spanish Facebook Live of the debates.

Defining impact

How do we measure BBG’s impact?

In spite of dozens of threats to our journalists and their families along with hazardous working conditions, BBG’s networks have growing impact.