Middle East Broadcasting Networks

MBN is an Arabic-language news organization with a weekly audience of more than 27.5 million people in 22 countries in the Middle East and North Africa, countries Freedom House deemed “not free” or “partly free” in 2016. MBN networks support democratic values by expanding the spectrum of ideas in the region and engaging audiences to share perspectives.

MBN consists of two television networks (Alhurra and Alhurra-Iraq); Radio Sawa; Afia Darfur; Alhurra.com; RadioSawa.com; Irfaasawtak.com and various social media platforms. The networks broadcast news and information from  their headquarters in Northern Virginia, along with bureaus in Cairo, Dubai, Jerusalem, Beirut, Erbil, Rabat, Baghdad,  and Washington, DC. MBN has correspondents throughout the Middle East and North Africa. MBN’s networks provide an undistorted line of communication with the people of the Middle East and North Africa.

Alhurra is a 24/7 Arabic-language television network that provides news and analysis to more than 17 million viewers each week.  Its in-depth discussion programs provide points of view from throughout the region and the U.S.

Radio Sawa attracts young audiences by playing contemporary Arabic and Western music with news and information programs. It is one of the most popular radio stations in the countries where it can be heard on FM.

Tackling topics not found in other media outlets, Alhurra and Radio Sawa are connecting with Arab audiences. They are regularly cited for their trustworthy news and have been recognized with numerous awards for their on-air content.

MBN Digital provides original reporting and interactive posts on Facebook and integration within on-air broadcasts. Primetime newscasts and current affairs programs incorporate social media into their daily lineups.

Together, these networks deliver accurate and objective information on the region, American policies and Americana with a broad range of perspectives and an open dialogue on issues of importance to the audience.

MBN operates under a grant from the BBG.


Raise Your Voice connects Iraqis affected by ISIL

"It's amazing the way people are coming together on our platforms," said Fekeiki.

Alhurra’s “Gulf Talks” introduces a new host, format

Alhurra Television’s Gulf Talks unveiled a new format and Saudi journalist Sukina Al-Mushaikhis joined the network as the show’s new host.

Alhurra-Iraq Journalists Wounded in Mosul

An Alhurra-Iraq correspondent and an assistant cameraman were wounded by ISIS fighters earlier today.  Correspondent Abdulhamid Zebari and assistant cameraman Yasser Salim were embedded with Iraq Antiterrorism Forces when they came under fire.

Secretary Kerry Honors Retiring Radio Sawa Correspondent

Secretary of State John Kerry uttered appreciation of veteran Radio Sawa journalist Samir Nader’s journalistic career last week.

Alhurra and Radio Sawa bring the Moroccan elections to audiences across the MENA region

On October 7, 2016, Alhurra and Radio Sawa provided special coverage of Morocco’s second parliamentary elections since the constitutional changes that followed the Arab Spring protests in 2011.


Alhurra’s “Delusional Paradise” wins silver at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards

Current Affairs, Human Concerns & Social Issue Silver Award, Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards (2016)

Alhurra Television’s ground-breaking documentary series Delusional Paradise won the Silver Award at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. The winning episode, Arraqah Screams…I Am Not Daesh, won in the category of Best Current Affairs, Human Concerns & Social Issues documentary.

Alhurra TV wins bronze at the New York Festivals

Bronze medal, Best Promotional Program category, New York Festivals International Television and Film Awards (2016)

Alhurra Television’s promotional video for the critically acclaimed series Delusional Paradise won a Bronze medal at the New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards on Tuesday.  The five-minute video won in the category of Best Promotional Program. Delusional Paradise is a part of the Middle East Broadcasting Network’s “Raise Your Voice” initiative.

Radio Sawa report wins silver at the New York festivals

Best Human Interest Story, silver medal, New York Festivals International Radio Program Awards (2015)

Radio Sawa’s report on the humanitarian crisis facing Syrian children was awarded the Silver Medal in the New York Festivals’ 2015 International Radio Program in the Human Interest category.

Finalist for Audio/Radio App

Finalist for Audio/Radio App, Appy Awards (2015)

At the 2015 Appy Awards, Middle East Broadcasting Networks (MBN) was a finalist in the category of Audio/Radio.

Bronze for Best Community Portrait Documentary

Bronze for Best Community Portrait Documentary, New York Festivals International Television and Film Awards (2015)

At the 2015 New York Festivals International TV and Film Awards, Middle East Broadcasting Networks (MBN) won a bronze award in the category of Best Community Portrait Documentary.


“Although I don’t always agree with you, I believe you respect different opinions and provide a platform to discuss important issues with no bias”

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