This map displays the training opportunities that the BBG has offered over on a year by year basis.

The BBG trains hundreds of journalists, editors, broadcasters and media managers each year under its authority to support freedom of information around the world. The 1994 International Broadcasting Act (PL103-236 Sec. 304)  says the BBG shall provide “training and technical support for independent indigenous media through government agencies or private United States entities.”

BBG provides training to media professionals on five continents, with priority often given to affiliate stations.Training topics include basic journalism, TV, radio and web production, economic and political reporting, women’s empowerment, education, sales and advertising, station management, personal organization and leadership, research tools.  different voices and points of view, thus enriching the already active participation of the reporters.

Expert journalists and development officers work closely with panelists from International Organizations, NGOs, U.S. Government Agencies, as well as local experts and government officials overseas creating a cross polinization of knowledge and expertise.