2010-11 YEJA Winner

Patricia Okoed-Bukumundhe, winner of the inaugural UNEP Young Environmental Journalist Award visited VOA and interned with English to Africa Branch, South Sudan Project, 12-18 October, 2011. She called it ‘a rewarding and invaluable experience to be part of a knowledgeable and diverse group.’

Alhurra Interviews Rep. Boustany About Iran

Alhurra’s Congressional Correspondent Rana Abtar interviewed Rep. Charles Boustany (R-LA) about the alleged Iranian attempt to assassinate the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the United States. Rep. Boustany stated, “The assassination attempt is a very serious concern.  I think countries around the world should be concerned about this type of activity…I think, ultimately to be effective with Iran, we need to put multi-lateral pressure.  Just coming from the U.S. will have some impact, but it is not going to be completely effective in trying to change Iranian behavior.”