Political Reporting Workshop for Tanzanian Journalists

More than 20 Tanzanian journalists participated in a VOA training workshop in advance of the October 2010 presidential election in that country.  The “Political and General Reporting Workshop for Journalists,” organized by the U.S. Embassy in Dar es Salaam, was designed to help journalists improve their pre-election reporting.  Joan Mower, Director of VOA’s development office, and Khadija Riyami, a broadcaster in the VOA Swahili Service, conducted the training session.

Two-Day Career Workshop for Stringers

VOA stringers who worked on a non-defunct Ejo Bite? radio program attended a two-day seminar designed to enhance their ability to find new jobs. Joan Mower of the development office and Robert Daguillard of the VOA Central Africa Service traveled to Burundi for the workshop.