FY2012 media development events

In 2012, the Voice of America Office of Development and International Media Training organized and coordinated several media management training programs and town hall meetings across VOA’s broadcasting regions – from Africa to Latin America to South East Asia and the Balkan states. Through collaboration with sponsoring agencies such as the USAID and the Department of State, the training of journalists in these regions promotes the access to news and information to our audiences. The town halls have provided forum to educate our audiences about entrepreneurship, health and wellness, disease prevention and care, and other factors such as behavioral changes that have significant impact in their lives.

Tanzania health project – “Je Nifanyeje” (What shall I Do?)

Je Nifanyeje is part of the Tanzania Health Project which is funded by USAID Tanzania and supported by VOA Swahili. Je Nifanyeje’s mission is to help the youth make informed and important decisions to improve their social and physical health. In English, “Je Nifanyeje” means, “What shall I do.” This thirty minute radio program teaches its young audience, particularly females, how to live healthy lives while gaining the confidence to assert themselves when making difficult decisions. This program distinguishes itself from other programs by explaining strategies for young women to develop the metal capacity and toughness to handle a variety of issues.