Equal Employment Opportunity

The BBG strongly promotes the full realization of equal opportunity in employment through a continuing affirmative program to identify and eliminate discriminatory practices.

Policy statement on EEO

The BBG is firmly committed to EEO, diversity, and the promotion of a strong affirmative employment program.

It is the policy of BBG to provide equal opportunities in employment for every employee and job applicant, and to ensure a workplace that is free of discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (including sexual harassment and sexual orientation), age (person 40 years of age and older), national origin, disability (physical and mental), genetic information, and retaliation because an individual engaged in prior EEO activities.

EEO principles govern all aspects of the Agency’s personnel policies, programs, practices, and operations. All phases of the Agency’s employment — recruitment, hiring, retention, evaluations, promotions, transfers, benefits, assignments, training opportunities, awards, and separations — shall be conducted in compliance with the EEO laws and regulations.

The Agency holds each manager and supervisor accountable for ensuring a continuing affirmative application and enforcement of this EEO policy. Additionally, managers and supervisors must continue to take positive steps toward ensuring a supportive work environment and reaching early resolution of complaints. They must avoid even the appearance of acts of retaliation against individuals who exercise their right to file a complaint. Accordingly, equal opportunity will continue to be a factor in the total performance evaluation of managers and supervisors.

Employees are essential in maintaining a work environment of equal opportunities, and have a moral and legal responsibility to treat all of their colleagues with respect and professionalism. The BBG strongly supports a workplace free of discrimination and holds every employee accountable for contributing to the achievement of a Model EEO Program.

Office of Civil Rights

The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) is responsible for advising the Agency on issues relating to EEO, civil rights and workforce diversity.

Included in these responsibilities are:

  • The administration of the Agency’s EEO complaint process.
  • Advising the Board and Agency managers on the current state of EEO and Affirmative Employment Program (AEP) activities.
  • Overseeing the Agency’s grantee organizations to ensure that recipients of federal financial assistance comply with federal non-discrimination requirements.
  • Developing the Agency’s annual AEP and creating a model EEO program (MD-715).

OCR also administers an assortment of outreach programs that include Mentoring, Partnerships in Education, Affirmative Employment, Special Emphasis, Diversity Training, and Federal Women’s programs. Through the implementation of these programs, it is the goal of OCR to assist managers and employees in maintaining harmonious and fair working conditions.