a woman wearing a press flak jacket listens to people who have surrounded her

Heather Murdock

Network: VOA

For the strength, courage and journalistic skill she demonstrated while documenting the drive by coalition forces to retake the city of Mosul from ISIS.

a middle-aged man in a gray suit jacket and no tie stands near a bay and large cranes in the distance

Ricardo Quintana

Network: OCB

For documenting the difficult and dangerous immigration routes that many Cuban migrants took in their attempt to reach the U.S.

Group of 10 people standing in a newsroom, looking at camera

Uzbek Service

Network: RFE/RL

For their tireless and courageous determination to break stories and provide Uzbekistan’s citizens with a means to speak truth to power, despite grave risks to themselves and their families.

Collage of three portraits of journalists in the field

Mosul team

Network: MBN

For taking extreme risks to accurately and objectively report on Iraq’s deepening catastrophe as a result of ISIS’s inhumane actions.