TV Martí to Air Rosa Maria Payá Special Sunday

Rosa María Payá (right) during a visit to the Martís in April.

Miami – TV Martí will present a special half-hour special this weekend called “Rosa Maria Payá In Her Own Words.” The interview, which airs Sunday evening, details what it was like to grow up as the daughter of Oswaldo Payá, the founder and leader of Cuba’s Christian Liberation Movement.

Antonio Rodiles Visits the Martís

MIAMI- Antonio Rodiles, independent producer of the Emmy-nominated TV Martí program Estado de SATS, visited the Martí headquarters this week for the first time.  The Cuban-based journalist has worked with the Martís for over a year, but until now had never met the staff. His program, which is filmed in Cuba, with wrap-around segments produced by the Martís, tackles the realities and challenges faced by Cubans on the island.