VOA Hausa Launches TV Program

Adding Taskar to VOA Hausa’s popular line-up “will enable us to win the youth audience with a wider reach and tremendous impact,” says Africa Division Director Negussie Mengesha. “We are building on VOA’s bigger online and mobile audiences in Nigeria as well as on our English-language partnership with Channels TV.” With original television reporting from across the United States and from Hausa Service correspondents in Nigeria, Niger, and Cameroon, Taskar covers Hausa-language affairs in West Africa and in the diaspora. “Nothing better heralds the arrival of Taskar VOA than the Hausa saying ‘Gani ya kori ji’, which means ‘Seeing is believing,’ ” says Hausa Service Chief Leo Keyen. “Our TV team is ecstatic about this exciting new program focusing on younger audiences and democracy in our target areas.” VOA Hausa produces a total of 16 hours of weekly radio programming on shortwave and AM. Hausa also has a 24/7 audio mobile stream that targets young demographics particularly in Nigeria through cell phones.

Exclusive VOA Interview With Policeman Shows Corruption

Nigerian police like Malo, whose ID badge is shown here, complain that the government is to blame for failures in the fight against Boko Haram.

WASHINGTON, DC – In an exclusive interview with a VOA Hausa reporter, a Nigerian policeman in the Mobile Police Squad assigned to fight terrorism in the country said that corruption hampers the fight against Boko Haram.