Alhurra Darfur Documentary in Cairo Human Rights Film Festival

Alhurra Television’s original documentary, Konoungo: The Darfurian Exile has received top billing at the third Cairo Human Rights Film Festival.  Alhurra’s critically acclaimed documentary Konoungo: The Darfurian Exile will air on the first screening day of the four-day Festival followed by a discussion of the documentary and the humanitarian crisis facing Darfurian refugees.  Konoungo: The Darfurian Exile is one of 40 films that will be shown as part of the Festival in recognizing the promotion of human rights, women rights and freedom of expression across the Middle East and North Africa.  Konoungo: The Darfurian Exile will be screened on Sunday, December 5th at 7:00 p.m. (Cairo time)

Cubans Call In to Radio Marti

Radio Marti opened its microphones to the Cuban public to join its newly formatted program Con Voz Propia (With Your Own Voice).  It is part of a fresh 360-degree approach to news and information that encourages audience participation and interactive exchange of ideas across Marti’s radio, TV and online platforms.