Composite image of Independence Hall, the American Flag, and George Washington

At the New York Festivals International TV and Film awards, VOA won a Finalist certificate in the Education/Instructional category for The Making of the Constitution, produced by Kelly Jean Kelly as part of the VOA Learning English series, The Making of a Nation. The series teaches U.S. history by telling the stories of major events and personalities since the country’s founding.

Alhurra “Delusional Paradise” promo

Alhurra TV wins bronze at the New York Festivals

Alhurra Television’s promotional video for the critically acclaimed series Delusional Paradise won a Bronze medal at the New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards on Tuesday.  The five-minute video won in the category of Best Promotional Program. Delusional Paradise is a part of the Middle East Broadcasting Network’s “Raise Your Voice” initiative.