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Emmy Nomination for Interview/Discussion

At the 2014 Emmy Awards, Office of Cuba Broadcasting (OCB) was nominated for an Emmy Award in the category of Interview/Discussion.

Award: Interview/Discussion

Rank: Emmy Award

Given by: The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Suncoast Chapter

Network: OCB, TV Marti

Award Winning Work: Lilo Vilaplana: Arte y Disidencia

Description: In this engrossing interview, award-winning writer, director and filmmaker, Cuban-born Lilo Vilaplana talks candidly with TV Martí about his art and craft, and how he uses his talent to support freedom of expression in Cuba. The interview captures the artist’s clarity and determination. He conveys his love of his adopted country of Colombia, reminisces about his formative years in Cuba and expresses his longing to see his friends and family in a country free of dictatorship.

Individuals: Isabel Cuervo