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Alhurra reporter Bashar Fahmi has been missing since August 20, 2012.

Alhurra Named Finalist in the New York Festivals®

Bashar Fahmi
Bashar Fahmi is a finalist for Best News Correspondent/Reporter in the New York Festivals

Alhurra Television has been named a finalist for two awards in the New York Festivals® International Television & Film Awards – for Best News Correspondent/Reporter and Best Station/Image Promotion.

Alhurra’s correspondent in Turkey Bashar Fahmi was nominated for Best News Correspondent/Reporter for his outstanding coverage of the Syrian conflict. Fahmi has been working for the network since 2004 and has been filing high quality reports from throughout Syria. In August 2012, Fahmi was reporting from Aleppo when he was caught in the crossfire that led to the murder of one journalist and capture of another.  No one has heard from him since, nor has any group claimed responsibility for his capture.

“Bashar is a courageous journalist. His tenacity drives him to follow any story and report back to millions of viewers across the Arab world. It is that dedication that brought him to Syria,” said Brian Conniff, President of the Middle East Broadcasting Networks, Inc. which runs Alhurra Television. “He truly deserves this nomination for the excellent work he has done in the region.”

Alhurra’s second nomination is for Best Station or Image Promotion. The promotional package that has been named a finalist uses unique camera movements and techniques to add depth and detail. The promotion, which is said to communicate “the beauty in the simplest of object” advertises Alhurra’s radio network, Radio Sawa.

New York Festivals, now in its 55th year, recognizes excellence in advertising and TV, Film & Radio programs. In 2012 Radio Sawa won Gold, Silver awards for Best Coverage of an Ongoing News Story and a Bronze award for Best Special Report.