The Dragon’s Reach: Tracking China’s economic power play

In an effort to maximize resources, increase collaboration and focus on key issues and audiences, the networks of the BBG have produced another full-scale collaborative project: The Dragon’s Reach; Tracking China’s Economic Power Play.

In 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping launched the Belt and Road Initiative, a foreign policy effort to finance and build roads, bridges, railways, ports and other infrastructure projects in trade routes that benefit China. However the goal is not solely economic. The Chinese say they include building political trust and cultural exchanges, and promoting “peace and friendship” among the nearly 70 participating countries.

The Dragon’s Reach examines how this $1 trillion investment is transforming lives, reshaping landscapes and tilting the geopolitical balance. Supporting BBG’s strategic priority to enhance cooperation among the networks, The Dragon’s Reach, offers a well-rounded look at China’s economic and infrastructural reach with each network producing a variety of pieces that focus on their broadcast regions.