A look back at 2017

New programs, key advancements and comprehensive reporting are just a few highlights from 2017. Join us as we look back at the stories and events from the past year.


Innovative New Programming

Current Time network launches real news, for real people, in real time

VOA Urdu launches new television show in Pakistan

MBN’s Maghreb Voices, a new platform for open and free discussions

ISIS defectors reveal disillusionment in a new documentary series on Alhurra

New programming for DPRK and new leadership at MBN the focus of BBG Board meeting

Alhurra debuts a new documentary on fighting extremism with comedy

VOA documentary: ‘Boko Haram; Journey From Evil’


Comprehensive coverage of global developments and world news

BBG networks cover 58thpresidential inauguration

Voice of America airs four-part series “Boko Haram: Terror Unmasked”

Cantonese Service investigation highlights China’s vaccine crisis

Trends and developments in Central Asia

Alhurra and Radio Sawa recognize International Women’s Day

Soviet life in the 1950s, as never seen before

MBN’s coverage of the U.S. missile strike in Syria

Uzbekistan after Karimov: An update

ISIS defectors speak out on Alhurra

MBN commemorates Arab-American Heritage Month

VOA Turkish provides extensive coverage of Turkish President Erdoğan’s visit to the U.S.

Alhurra and Radio Sawa aired extensive coverage of President Trump’s first foreign trip

The tech industry — Facing change in US immigration laws and visas

Special Ramadan coverage on Alhurra and Radio Sawa

Alhurra celebrates women’s achievements with new “Sit B’Mit Ragel” season

Exclusive: Venezuela opposition leader visits OCB



Threats to our journalists

Alhurra-Iraq Journalists Wounded in Mosul

RFE/RL Crimea contributor indicted

RFE/RL condemns Turkmenistan’s treatment of journalists

RFE/RL welcomes release of Turkmen journalist, calls for additional steps

Voice of America reporter harassed by police forces in Erbil

RFE/RL journalist arrested in Belarus, as protests escalate

Major Azerbaijan internet provider reportedly blocking RFE/RL

RSF’s index stresses threats against journalists in Asia, audiences’ need for free press

Azerbaijan seeks court action to ban RFE/RL website

RFE/RL demands investigation, safety for Macedonia journalists

Threats to RFE/RL journalists multiply in 2017

Azerbaijani court blocks RFE/RL website

RFE/RL blogger missing in Ukraine

Georgian Public Broadcaster terminates RFE/RL programs

RFE/RL Turkmen journalist marks two years behind bars

Russia-backed separatists confirm they are holding RFE/RL contributor in Donetsk

RFE/RL correspondent Achilova threatened with death in Turkmenistan

Statement from Radio Free Asia’s President on Cambodia

CEO statement on the closing of RFA’s Phnom Penh Bureau

RFE/RL takes Azerbaijani case to European court

RFE/RL Crimean journalist faces separatism conviction by Russian court

Semena found guilty of “separatism;” RFE/RL President condemns verdict

Systematic attacks on journalists in Russia and other post-Soviet states

Freelance Somali cameraman working for VOA killed in Saturday’s blast in Mogadishu

Statement regarding the Russian Federation’s media law


Agency Programs and Events

Internet freedom experts gather for OIF roundtable

BBG Research Series: Media consumption in Turkey

World Press Freedom Day: A conversation with BBG & GWU

BBG unveils a memorial to our fallen journalists

Broadcasters promote news freedom via “Bypass Censorship” website

One goal, two approaches: Addressing disinformation in Eurasia

An important step towards press freedom (Helsinki Comm testimony)

2nd annual Cuba Internet Freedom Conference held in November


New Key Personnel

BBG announces new Acting Board Chairman

Radio Free Asia hires new managing director for East Asia

Ambassador Alberto M. Fernandez joins BBG as president of MBN

Wilfredo Cancio appointed Central News Director for OCB

Noted journalist Nart Bouran joins MBN as Senior Vice President


Voice of America celebrates 75 years

Radio Sawa celebrates 15th anniversary