Representatives from the DG7 at the annual meeting in Washington, D.C. (L to R): Keiichi Imamura, NHK World; Jean-Emmanuel Casalta, France Médias Monde; Jacqueline Lampe, RNW Media; Peter Limbourg, Deutsche Welle; John F. Lansing, BBG; Fran Unsworth, BBC World Service; and David Hua, Australian Broadcasting Corporation International.

Statement by the DG7 reaffirming support for freedom of information

We, the members of the DG7, at our annual meeting this year in Washington DC December 4-5, have reaffirmed our support for global freedom of information and expression and our commitment to operating at the highest standards of professional journalism, with reporting that audiences can trust.

The DG7 comprises publicly funded international media organizations from seven democratic nations: Australia, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States, represented by their respective directors general or chief executive officers.

The challenges to media freedom have never been greater. Around the world journalists and media outlets face rising censorship, threats to their safety, diminished credibility due to untruthful news, hate speech, extremist rhetoric and increasingly difficult economic circumstances.  As social media has become the platform of choice for the rising generations of information-seekers we urge Facebook, Google and others to exercise responsibility in their growing role across the world.

In this global context the DG7 members, which together reach more than a half-billion people around the world, play an ever more important role in upholding freedom of the press and freedom of expression and supporting indigenous media with content and distribution partnerships and training.

We express our deep concern for the safety of journalists everywhere and call on governments and other relevant parties to do everything possible to protect journalists as they carry out their professional duties.

We renew our call for unfettered access by citizens everywhere to free flows of fact-based, verifiable journalism.