Alhurra debuts a new documentary on opioid epidemic

As deaths from drug overdoses increased in recent years across the United States, driven largely by an addiction to opioids, Alhurra produced a special hour-long documentary on the opioid epidemic. The program highlights the lamentable consequences of overall drug use to raise awareness of the dangers of succumbing to addition.

The hour-long special, “Overcoming the Opioid Crisis… American stories,” offers a close-up on the life-and-death consequences of the opioid epidemic with addicts and/or their families speaking candidly to the camera with grief. The program explores the aftermath of opioid addiction often resulting in the loss of siblings, children or friends who have unknowingly become dependent on opioids after an accident and need to treat chronic pain.

Through emotional firsthand accounts, the show sheds light on how those grappling with addiction struggled and risked death, but found a way out, ultimately offering a window of hope into how others can return to being productive members of society. In a special one-on-one interview, Professor Bertha Madras, member of the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis, offered a unique perspective on the strengths, weaknesses, and solutions to drug addiction and the opioid crisis to improve prevention, intervention, and treatment programs and services.

“Overcoming the Opioid Crisis” is produced by the team of Alhurra’s flagship primetime show Al Youm.

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