Alhurra celebrates women’s achievements with new “Sit B’Mit Ragel” season

Alhurra Television is launching the third season of its program Sit B’Mit Ragel (Arabic for ‘A Lady is Worth 100 Men’), on Saturday, October 14 at 10:00 p.m. (Cairo time). The nine-episode series will follow four young Egyptian women and their aspirations and resilience in overcoming a variety of social and cultural barriers in their quest to succeed and realize their dreams. It will also shed light on the misperception that women will always face restrictions and have no chance of success when they exercise a free choice to pursue unexpected careers, normally dominated by men. It highlights the main obstacles hindering the promotion of Egyptian women aspiring to attain roles that are contrary to social norms.

Sit B’Mit Ragel demonstrates Alhurra’s commitment to delivering content that celebrates the power and possibility of the female voice,” stated MBN President Ambassador Alberto Fernandez. MBN manages and oversees Alhurra Television. “Season three will tackle stories of cultural significance to Alhurra’s audiences, not only to entertain, but also to educate and empower.”

The women featured in Sit B’Mit Ragel are:

Sue Ellen

A successful lawyer who helps young women who share her dream of making every female capable of protecting her rights. She seeks to empower Egyptian youth to increase their legal knowledge and raise their consciousness through various campaigns. She started an initiative called Leeha El Hak (Arabic for ‘She Has the Right’) to fund the legal education of three Egyptian female high school graduates.


Despite living in the highly conservative society of Upper Egypt, Luxor-based female mechanic, Liqaa El-Khuly has managed to shatter social norms, making her way into an unconventional and male-dominated career—car maintenance. Being the first female auto mechanic in Upper Egypt, Khuly has blazed the trail for Egyptian women, smashing the myth that women are unable to perform such jobs.


As an Egyptian taekwondo practitioner, she competed in the 67 kg event at the London 2012 Summer Olympics. Seham defied gender stereotypes and became an inspiring role model by showing men and women as equals in a society where gender stereotypes and cultural barriers often prevent girls from participating in sports like Taekwondo.


A female entrepreneur with an ambition to change the way Egyptians view cooking. Her passion for cooking gave her courage to go against all odds and open her own food stand. Through innovative adaptations to traditional recipes, she shows people that street vendor food can be both healthy and delicious and that women can be successful business entrepreneurs.

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