concept collage of various program screens with Arabic text opens the door for independent voices in the Middle East

Alhurra Television’s all-news Arabic-language website,, has commissioned some of the most noted and outspoken authors to be a part of the newly created op-ed section of the website. “From A Different Angle,” includes commentary by featured writers who are journalists, intellectuals and human rights advocates from across the Middle East and the U.S.

“As an American network, we are in the unique position where independent voices, reformers and liberal thinkers can share their thoughts and ideas freely, without censorship or government interference,” stated MBN President Amb. Alberto Fernandez. MBN manages and oversees Alhurra and Radio Sawa. “This is something that can be rare to find in the region and is just the first step in bringing these important voices to MBN.”

Contributors to the op-ed section include former Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya host Hafiz Mirazi, former Syrian Minister of Culture Raid Ismat, Jordanian journalist Malik Athamneh, journalist and writer Hussain Abdul Hussain, Hudson Institute’s Sam Tadros, Iraqi writer and analyst Nibras Kazimi, Washington Institute for Near East Policy’s Dr. Matthew Levitt, and Syrian author Colette Bahna. Topics covered will range from politics and religion to arts and culture.

“From A Different Angle” will also include short video commentaries from a variety of American foreign policy experts who discuss op-eds that they have written in the Western press.

The columns will also appear on Alhurra’s Facebook page, providing an opportunity for readers to share their opinions and openly discuss the ideas brought forward by the authors.

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