Cantonese Service investigation highlights China’s vaccine crisis

A new investigative series by Radio Free Asia highlights concerns about vaccine safety and efficacy in mainland China.

In Poisoning China’s Future, RFA investigates the under-reported crisis in a series of reports on tainted vaccines, the children affected, the victim’s families, the hidden danger in vaccine production, and a vaccine crisis in Shandong that may have resulted in up to 1 million children consuming tainted products. These in-depth reports are collected on a hub page with links to the original RFA Cantonese Service reports and multimedia.

The investigation found that mainland residents are increasingly taking their children to Hong Kong for inoculations amid reports of tainted and improperly stored vaccines on the mainland. The high demand for outside vaccines has led in turn to shortages of serum in Hong Kong, prompting concern among parents there. Because of the implications of corruption among Chinese officials, China’s state-controlled media have been reluctant to cover the situation.