Health Journalism Training for Haitian Reporters

BBG, in partnership with USAID, the National Institute of Health, the Pan American Health Organization and the U.S. Department of State organized a Washington, D.C.-based training for health reporters from Haiti.

VOA trainers discussed the following issues, among others.

  • Ethics in health journalism
  • Sources (protection, verification and validation of sources)
  • The use of social media in health journalism
  • One on one interviews
  • Mock press conference
  • Feature analysis
  • Health scenesetters
  • Editing video for TV and editing video for mobile equipment including iPhones
  • The rights of the patients (how, when and where to interview a patient)
  • How to prepare for an interview in a hospital/clinical facility
  • Definition of terms (i.e. “pandemic, “epidemic”, “endemic” and many others)
  • Protecting yourself and your gear while visiting contaminated sites (Ebola, H1N1, Cholera, etc.)