VOA reports spurs offers of help for Malawi farmer

A VOA report on a 34-year-old university graduate from Malawi, who shunned a traditional career path for farming, has resulted in many offers of help for the young woman.

The profile describes how Rose Chisowa eschewed life in the city for a career as a self-described agro-entrepreneur, and how she has since gone on to carve a path for other enterprising women.

Chisowa’s farm has also become a lifeline for hundreds of local residents who sometimes work as day laborers.

“To us girls, we have learned a lesson that we can progress through agriculture and become even famous and respected in our community,” said Loveness Kaomba, a member of the local youth group Chisowa mentors.

Several of VOA’s commercial affiliates including a TV station in Malawi picked up Chisowa’s story.

Those broadcasts led to a rush of attention for Chisowa, who received multiple offers of farm equipment including a water engine. Another listener has also offered to pay her workers for a year.