Pakistan--Mother of Nasib Jan, who was allegedly abused by her in-laws, explains to RFE/RL how she sought help for her daughter.

Human rights violator arrested after RFE/RL report

RFE/RL’s Radio Mashaal’s reporting led to the arrest of human rights violator in Swat district of Khayber Pakhtoonkhawa Province on July 28, 2016.

On July 27, Mashaal covered a story of a 20 year old woman Nasib Jan who was raped, beaten and stabbed by her in-laws. The police had refused to register the case and the hospital said they were not ready to treat her, fearing the backlash from the powerful in law family.

Radio Marshaal Service Director, Amin Mudaqiq, said the Sisters’ Jirga, a women’s council in Pakistan’s Swat district, reached out to Radio Mashaal after the hospital and police refused help.

Radio Mashaal interviewed Jan and her mother, and the video soon went viral. People began calling in and demanding that the police take action.

“Within hours of publishing the video it went viral with thousands of views,” said Radio Mashaal Service Director Amin Mudaqiq. “The calls started pouring in to our radio broadcasters. People were demanding that the police take action.”

Mudaqiq is glad the Sister’s Jirga reached out to Mashaal about Jan, and credits the station’s dedication to women’s issues, including its two weekly radio programs devoted to the topic, and a policy of prioritizing women’s stories in their daily reporting.