Alhurra produces documentary series on countering violent extremism

Alhurra Television’s Invisible Enemy is a three-part documentary series that takes an in-depth look at what Moroccan citizens are doing to counter violent extremism. The first part of the series airs Saturday, Aug. 20th at 20:00 GMT, followed by parts two and three on Aug. 27th and Sept. 3rd respectively.

The documentary series examines the role that Morocco plays in the regional and international fight against terrorism and how government and community leaders are taking steps to eradicate the roots of terrorism in the north African country. The Invisible Enemy follows key members of Moroccan society as they address what they are doing to fight extremist ideologies. This includes the founder of the cultural center in Sidi Moumen, the region of Casablanca known for producing extremists. The series also interviews a boxing coach from Casablanca, a Sheikh of the Salafi movement and experts in Islamic studies.

“It is important to tell the stories of the people who are out there fighting extremism every day,” stated MBN President Brian Conniff. MBN manages and oversees Alhurra Television. “So much is in the news about the actions of ISIS and other extremist groups, it is imperative that we also examine what is being done to combat them.”

The Invisible Enemy is the latest Alhurra production that focuses on countering violent extremism. The Raise Your Voice campaign and website empowers Iraqis to speak up and share their opinions about extremism and its underlying causes. Alhurra also produced Delusional Paradise, a documentary series that showed life under ISIS and the destruction it has created across the region.

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