Photo credit @DanaSleiman

Alhurra revealing the truth about ISIL

In November 2015 in-depth interviews were conducted Syrian refugees in Turkey. One female respondent noted that what she saw on Alhurra changed her opinion of ISIL.  According to the woman:    “Alhurra’s coverage of ISIL has changed my thinking.  We did not know whether they were Islamists or non-Islamists, we only knew they were good. But now I’ve seen their execution and murder; they moved from “the normal execution” to burning people. So that changed my thinking about ISIL.  Alhurra presented the topic in a logical and expressive manner. How can I explain that to you? Because they showed different views of everyone in the street, not restricted to an educated, economic or political class; it gives you freedom. I have not seen this story covered in a similar way in other media.”