Dilapidated building in Havana.
Dilapidated building in Havana.

Martí contributor arrested covering fatal building collapse

While capturing video of a deadly building collapse in Havana, independent reporter and Martí contributor Ignacio Gonzalez was arrested and detained on Wednesday, July 15. Heavy rainfall had contributed to the collapse that killed at least four people, including a three year old child, in a tourist section of Cuban capital.

Gonzalez reported that Cuban authorities were demolishing the rest of the structure rather than investigating the collapse. Two local members of the dissident group UNPACU (Unión Patriótica de Cuba) that came out to survey and report on the damage were also detained.

Gonzalez was released without charges after three hours in jail.

The Martís have frequently reported on the dilapidated state of many buildings in the old section of Havana and the plight of residents who live in them.