2014 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey – BBG Results

 FEVS coverThe Office of Personnel Management has provided the initial BBG results from the 2014 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey.  Among eligible employees, 69% took the survey. Individual belief and commitment to their work remains very high, above 90%. However, the BBG saw significant decreases (a difference of 5 percentage points or more)  on 14 survey questions related to employee involvement in decision making, employee recognition, and overall job and organizational satisfaction.    

While the agency continued to see modest increases in responses related to work/life programs, there were declines in areas that are persistent challenges, including leadership.
This initial OPM data release provides agency-wide responses. OPM is expected to release additional data for the BBG and the rest of the government that provides useful context and detail later this month.  The results will continue to shape the agency’s ongoing efforts to improve workplace engagement.