Family sits around table with Iftar meal, celebrating Ramadan.

MBN Programming Commemorates Ramadan

Family sits around table with Iftar meal, celebrating Ramadan.Alhurra is marking the holy month of Ramadan with daily reports from the U.S. and across the Middle East and North Africa within its prime-time newscasts.  Reports include stories about how Syrian refugees in Lebanon are fasting; how Yemenis are observing Ramadan amid tribal conflicts and a deteriorating economy;  the Pentagon celebrating its 16th Iftar and how Muslims living in Washington, DC, are commemorating the holy month.

Alhurra’s Al Youm (Today) has a wide variety of reports on the holiday. The program is including daily updates from doctors who are providing  information on fasting and being healthy during Ramadan and is looking at Ramadan and the World Cup. Al Youm also interviewed moderate religious leaders who discussed the importance of Ramadan for Muslims. The program profiled the popular dramatic series that are broadcast during Ramadan.

Almajalla (Magazine) is dedicating an episode to the cultural aspects of Ramadan in the United States to show how the holiday bridges religious and cultural divides. One story looks at a soup kitchen in Detroit that offers Iftar to those in the homeless community who are fasting and observing Ramadan. Another report profiles a maker of Iftar treats and sweets based in Detroit and describes the tradition and meanings of each of the sweets.

In addition to its original reporting, the television network is offering a slate of acquired documentaries on Ramadan themes including Beyond our Differences, Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet, Seven Wonders of the Muslim World and The Life of Muhammed.  Alhurra is also airing the VOA series Muslims’ America with Arabic translation.

Radio Sawa’s daily informational program Sawa Magazine is dedicating a daily segment throughout the month to highlight the cultural aspects of Ramadan.  One episode describes the different lanterns being used during Ramadan; another asked should World Cup players fast; while a third episode included Ramadan greetings from actors across the region and how Algeria is preparing for Ramadan.