BBG Research Series: Contemporary media use in Nigeria

Perceptions of media freedom and confidence in elections are falling in the midst of a challenging period in Nigeria.

While radio is still in the lead for news consumption in Nigeria, the use of digital media and mobile continues to grow rapidly. The new research also reveals that Nigerian personal mobile phone ownership has increased significantly in 2014 to 83.0%, up from 73.1% in 2012. Mobile web is the leading means of accessing the Internet with 95.7% of those who accessed the Internet in the past week saying they did so using a mobile phone.

The May 15 event included a presentation of the key findings from the recent media use study, as well as a methodological overview and a review of attitudinal data from the Gallup World Poll.

Speakers were:

  • Chris Stewart, Partner, Gallup
  • Bruce Sherman, Director, Office of Strategy and Development, BBG
  • Sonja Gloeckle, Research Analyst, International Broadcasting Bureau
  • Dan Foy, Consultant, Gallup

Research and Presentation

The research brief and presentation are below.

Contemporary Media Use in Nigeria – Research Brief

Contemporary Media Use in Nigeria – Presentation

Press Release

While a vast divide remains between “media rich” and “media poor” Nigerians, household mobile ownership has surpassed that of both radio and TV in Nigeria, and the use of Internet is trending upward, according to new findings on Nigerian media consumption habits presented today by the Broadcasting Board of Governors.

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A central part of the BBG’s mandate is to support freedom and democracy in a rapidly changing international environment. The ability of the media to report freely and accurately is critical in world affairs. Additionally, it is important for leaders and policy makers to understand how different populations around the globe view the quality, honesty and accuracy of their media, as well as how free they perceive their media to be.

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