Radio Free Asia revamps water project for World Water Day

In time for World Water Day 2014, on March 22, Radio Free Asia has redesigned its Water Project site to increase attention to the continuing water crisis in its broadcast countries. The interactive site, which calls for direct input from RFA listeners, has been updated with new graphics, interactive elements, including a Water Survival Game and new video about China’s clean water scarcity affecting rural residents.

RFA’s nine language services contribute coverage and multimedia content  to the site, which includes an English language hub Web page, interviews with experts, an interactive game , a series of investigative videos, slideshows documenting the issue, and videos on water scarcity affecting farmers, fishermen, and ordinary people, as well as a new animated promotional video illustrating the issue among our wider audience. Through The Water Project, RFA aims to raise awareness among its audience and provide an accurate picture of the situation for governments, NGOs, and international humanitarian groups and foundations.