Man with multiple flags behind him speaking into Alhurra microphone

Alhurra Television interviews the US Ambassador to Algeria

Man with multiple flags behind him speaking into Alhurra microphoneThe US Ambassador to Algeria, Henry S. Ensher spoke with Alhurra’s State Department Correspondent Michel Ghandour about the upcoming presidential election, the calls for boycott and the American-Algerian relations.

“We have no role in this election,” Amb. Ensher said when asked about the U.S. involvement,  “But we support the  Algerians’ right to select their president. We also think that this election process will be successful, and we’re ready to cooperate with any president that the Algerian people choose.”

Regarding the calls to boycott the election, Amb. Ensher stated that the Algerian people have different opinions about the upcoming election. “Most of them support stability in their society and country. We should be ready to cooperate with the Algerian people and their new government, and we will accept the results of the election as long as the Algerians do”

On American-Algerian relations, Amb. Ensher said “we have good but limited relations, unfortunately. We would like to expand these relations in the commercial and cultural sectors. Currently, we’re focusing on counter-terrorism and security.”