Reporter speaking while on the street in Caracas

Martís Providing Extensive Coverage of Venezuelan Protests

Reporter speaking while on the street in CaracasWith daily reports from Caracas, special features and exclusive interviews, the Martís are providing the audience in Cuba with wide-ranging coverage and detailed information on the growing unrest in Venezuela.

Martí reporters are filing daily from the Venezuelan capital, providing up-to-the-minute multimedia news and information on the protests and the government response. Coverage includes interviews with key figures such as opposition leader Congresswoman Maria Corina Machado, student leaders Gaby Arellano and Villca Fernandez, who participated via Skype from an undisclosed location in TV Martí’s Antena Live program.

Anchor introduces segment on VenezuelaThe Martís are also reporting on regional and international reaction – including statements made by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon deploring the violence; statements by the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States urging dialogue; and the formation of a Miami-based campaign joining Venezuelan students and Cuban dissidents to support the opposition in Caracas.

The Martís are providing comprehensive coverage despite increasing pressure on international journalists by the Maduro government. On Friday, Feb. 21, CNN announced that the Ministry of Information had revoked the credentials of four of its journalists.