Man on the street speaks with Alhurra reporter in Iraq

Alhurra TV and Radio Sawa Reporting from Anbar Despite Media Blackout

Man on the street speaks with Alhurra reporter in IraqAs fighting escalates and thousands flee Iraq’s Anbar province, Alhurra Television and Radio Sawa are providing audiences with the latest news and information. Even as the situation deteriorates, Alhurra-Iraq correspondent Omar Al Obaidi has been filing reports from Anbar province daily for the two networks, providing details from the ground on the most important developments.

Alhurra and Radio Sawa’s coverage comes at a time when Reporters Without Borders calls Anbar a “deplorable security environment for journalists,” and expresses concerns for the near complete news blackout on events in the western province.

Radio Sawa’s coverage includes interviews with Iraqi Members of Parliament from a variety of political sects as well as organizers of the protests. The radio network also interviewed several defected members of the Iraqi Army who gave their unique perspective of the fighting in Fallujah and spoke with members of the Anbar provincial council about the latest developments.

In addition to live reports, Alhurra had an in depth interview with Osama Al Nujaifi, the head of the Iraqi Parliament. Several members of the Iraqi Parliament appeared on Eye on Democracy to discuss how the resignation of 44 member of the Parliament will impact the future of democracy for Iraq.  Alhurra also interviewed the Governor of Anbar province, several tribal and Awakening (Sahwa) leaders to reflect  the many sides to the crisis facing western Iraq.